Giggle 4 Gold Shortlisted!

Our Giggle 4 Gold project has been shortlisted for the Heart of Essex Award run by the Essex Chronicle. I’m not sure how we vote yet but I’ll add another post when I do know as I’d really like to get everyone’s support. If we win the main prize we will be able to run a 12 week programme for people in a care home who are isolated and in need of some stimulation, espeically those with dementia. The programme is designed for this group in mind and will allow participants to be active, have fun, connect with others, gain confidence, self-esteem, learn new skills both creatively and socially and be heard though play and giggles. Over the 12 weeks we will also produce positive creative work which we plan to exhibit later in the year which will allow other members of the community the chance to walk in someone else’s shoes.

If we win the main prize we will run two 12 week programmes- Giggle 4 Gold and Giggle House which works with people who have experienced homelessness.

Both are such great projects that will be a whole lot of fun and will make a huge difference to the people we deliver it to.

The Giggle 4 Gold programme will be delivered in Brewster House in Heybridge, Maldon. If successful we aim to find further funding to enable us to repeat this programme in other care homes too.

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Whoosh! Course coming up!


Telephone:  01245 256079 to make your payment by debit/credit card.


The whoosh! centre is open for enquiries, visits and bookings

Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 4.00pm.



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Welcome to Laughter!

Welcome to our Giggle Together blog! You can find out more about play, our work, events, courses and take part in our Giggle Together Online Challenges!

Discover what it’s all about here and join us on a journey of self discovery as we take our right brain for a regular workout.

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