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Welcome to our Giggle Together blog! You can find out more about play, our work, events, courses and take part in our Giggle Together Online Challenges!

Discover what it’s all about here and join us on a journey of self discovery as we take our right brain for a regular workout.

About Teigh-anne Shave

In 2016 officially and legally changed my name to Teigh-anne, taking the "racy" out of Tracy and linking my middle name with a hyphen, to reflect the significant change to my personality. I feel ready to now come back to my blog and fill in some blanks as to how and why this came about. Ive grappled with whether to update or start a new but I want to continue where I left off. This too is a part of me and an important part of my journey. So what used to be "Traciness in all it's glory" needs a reboot and redesign. I STILL do all sorts of creative things. I am still happiest when I am creating something - no matter the medium. I no longer run Moulding Futures - a non-profit charitable organisation and have lots of fun developing and delivering "GIGGLE WORKSHOPS" - play, laughter and creativity are all essential for your well being and development. But do still ask "When was the last time you played?" I am STILL an artist - and this comes in many forms - writer, poet, comedian, sculpturer, photographer, abstract painter and I am ALSO a holistic therapist so I believe I AM a creatrix. I organise retreats that mix it all together as well as taking my little yellow caravan to festivals in the summer. I'll share more about this in my blog and go through what has been an emotional and wonderful experience while I've been gone.
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